The Nonprofit Consultants Institute is a highly-interactive 2 day educational experience that prepares you for success. You’ll gain concrete tools, practical knowledge and invaluable connections. The Institute educates, inspires and supports you as you make the transition to consulting or grow your existing practice.

“Before I went to the Nonprofit Consultants Institute, I was stumbling around as an independent consultant with no business model, no value proposition, and no real clue about how to structure my practice. The Institute gave me the foundational knowledge, motivation and inspiration to formally develop my business. In the nearly two years since, I’ve developed a business plan, set up an LLC, and I’m ahead of pace to meet my projections. The Institute was the springboard for all of this growth. If I could go back in time to improve my career, the one thing I’d do differently is attend the institute much sooner. Thanks!” – 2016 Attendee

You won’t want to miss this…

The Institute is more than classroom training. You’ll learn from, and interact with, several of the New York region’s leading consultants in the nonprofit sector. They know the nuts and bolts and they also have years of practical experience.

In fact, the presenters and organizers who designed the Institute including Frank Abdale, Maria Baldali, Merle Benny, and Ben Roman have more than 80 years’ experience combined as executives and consultants in the nonprofit sector.

Your training benefits include:
• Pre training questionnaire
• Two days of in-person training
• Practical modules on your business plan, marketing, sales, legal and accounting issues
• Step-by-step guide to creating proposals and fee structures
• The secrets to finding and keeping clients
• Direct access to the seasoned practitioners who designed and present the modules
• Personal follow up with an expert

The Institute is for you if you are…

1. Launching a consulting practice for nonprofits
2. An established consultant who wants to build your business
3. Ready to enhance your business skills and connect with a peer network
4. A student of nonprofit management considering consulting as your professional focus
5. Working at an institution that provides management support to nonprofits

“I liked consulting but wasn’t sure I could make a living at it. I really needed to learn how it was done and to meet others who made it work.” – Lupita Gonzalez

Module 1: The Business of Being in Business

• Identify your unique selling proposition (USP)
• Understand the components of a business plan including sales, marketing & evaluation
• Learn about legal, accounting and tax considerations that affect you as a consultant
• Develop skills to manage common challenges of consulting – setting fees, creating contracts and avoiding scope creep
• Discover how to find and keep clients

Module 2: The Art and Craft of Consulting

• Discover the best practices for communicating with clients, working collaboratively and problem solving
• Learn proven methods for establishing and maintaining successful client/consultant engagements
• Receive access to a wealth of resource materials on a wide range of consulting-related issues
• Join an established community of practice
• Help develop a shared code of ethics
• Share your own experiences – triumphs and challenges – in working with nonprofit clients

“I was experienced in my field and working as a consultant. But my education hadn’t taught me about contracting, marketing or running a small business. These were the skills I got from the Institute.” – John Magisano

Why the Institute was established

Consultants to nonprofit groups offer diverse expertise, but may not be prepared for the challenges of establishing and sustaining a successful consulting practice. The Institute provides orientation, guidance and roadmaps to managing a new or established consulting practice as a business.

In addition, many consultants work independently, isolated from peers and colleagues. The quality of their services (and their quality of life) is greatly enhanced by establishing a community of practice with consultants who offer complementary services, and share many of the same professional challenges.

The Association of Nonprofit Specialists offers the Nonprofit Consultants Institute to support nonprofit organizations and the people they serve by helping to create a cadre of well-prepared, well-connected consultants who share the highest professional and ethical standards.

Meet some of our past Institute attendees:

Alumni Profile: Rosemarie Perocchia
Alumni Profile: Lupita Gonzalez
Alumni Profile: John Magisano