Nonprofit Consultants Institute Alumni Profile: John Magisano

“I was experienced in my field and working as a consultant. But my education hadn’t taught me about contracting, marketing or running a small business. These were the skills I got from the Institute.”

john-magisanoWorking independently wasn’t new to John. He had been providing organizational development consulting for years. As an active member of Association of Nonprofit Specialists (formerly NYTAP) he counted on the group as a source of information. He joined for the networking but found it to be a good learning environment also.

When the Nonprofit Consultants Institute was created John signed up. He realized there was a lot he didn’t know. This was explicitly about learning and he knew he would benefit.

“I learn from stories – especially the worst case scenarios. When I hear someone tell me what went wrong, it sticks. I really learned a lot from hearing those live stories at the Institute.”

Institute Register ButtonJohn felt the two-day experience filled in the blanks for him. Now he could make informed choices about the best business model, how to market his practice and how to write a good contract. The networking was an added bonus!

John attended the first Nonprofit Consultants Institute in 2013. His consulting practice benefitted from what he learned. Recently he got a job offer he couldn’t refuse; he is now putting his skills to use as an employee of the City of New York.

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