Top 3 Takeaways from “Donor-Centric Philanthropy: The Shifting Paradigm in Friendraising”

Donor-Centric Philanthropy: The Shifting Paradigm in Friendraising
Presented by Jay Weisman, Legacy Philanthropy Group
September 13, 2017
Presented in collaboration with The Foundation Center New York

The tides are shifting when it comes to raising support for nonprofit organizations. Donors and supporters have more options than ever when it comes to how they choose to make an impact. In response, nonprofits need to adjust how they build and foster relationships with their supporters.

This workshop was designed to explore how to engage a donor or supporter based on their values and social vision. Participants discovered how to leverage this new approach to engage and energize your board members and help them excel as they make essential connections with existing and potential donors and supporters.

The workshop focused on 3 key points:

1. Boards excel when they go beyond governance and planning and embrace their roles as Ambassadors. Successful, savvy, and well-connected board members know what they need to do to raise support, but they are very often uncomfortable when it comes to friendraising and fundraising.

2. Being Donor-Centric means recognizing that the donor or supporter is the hero. Potential donors and supporters want to make a difference. They want to be a part of something larger than themselves and they long to make an impact. Your organization is the conduit through which your supporters can make an impact. As impassioned Ambassadors, your board is in a position to offer that to potential friends of your organization.

3. Nonprofit leadership is responsible for taking the steps needed to help their board members get more comfortable with the community outreach tasks they are being asked to perform. This untapped potential of the board equates to untapped potential of donors and supporters. When donors/supporters don’t contribute at full capacity the result will be less impact in achieving the organization’s mission.

Legacy Philanthropy Group offers programs that help nonprofits provide board members the knowledge, skills and perspective they need to be more impactful as Ambassadors on behalf of their organizations. We do that through structured, interactive, hands-on programs and workshops that are fun, thought-provoking and educational. Please contact Jay Weisman at 908.484.6422 or

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