Mission Statement

The Association of Nonprofit Specialists facilitates meaningful connections to peers, clients and information for the management assistance community, in order to strengthen the nonprofit sector.

What Is the Association of Nonprofit Specialists?

The Association of Nonprofit Specialists is a network of independent consultants, specialists and organizations that provide management assistance to nonprofits.  Many affiliated consultants are based in the greater New York area, and our network also provides services throughout the United States and internationally. For over 20 years, volunteers have organized networking and educational events aimed at professional development and a stronger nonprofit sector. The Association of Nonprofit Specialists is a 501(c)(3) educational organization.


The Association of Nonprofit Specialists has been operating in different capacities since 1990. The Association grew out of New York Technical Assistance Providers (NYTAP), which was formed in 1990 by representatives of several nonprofit management service organizations that provided training and consulting services to other nonprofits. NYTAP founders included Connie Crosson, then the ED of Support Center for Nonprofit Management; Allan Bromberger, then ED of Lawyers Alliance, Ted Geier, ED of the current Cause Effective, Brock Adler, Program Specialist with New York Regional Association for Grantmakers, and several others. Charlotte Dion, from The Foundation Center, joined soon after to help with their first project, the production and distribution a directory of “technical assistance providers” to encourage nonprofits to avail themselves of these services. The Steering Committee organized bi-monthly panel presentations which attracted members of the management assistance field to attend, share leading edge information, network and collaborate with one another and to promote management assistance funding through NYRAG members. Initially, NYTAP was restricted to nonprofit organizational representatives. It opened to independent and for-profit consultants in the 1990s. The Association of Nonprofit Specialists currently strives to keep a balanced representation of all types of management assistance providers.

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