We are excited to offer membership options for individuals and institutions. Details on those memberships are outlined below.


Membership Benefits for all members include:

  • Event discounts on networking and educational programs
  • Profile of your business in our Public Consultants Directory
  • Members-only speaking, writing and other showcase opportunities
  • Members-only Peer Advising program
  • Members-only online community to ask questions and get feedback
  • Access to other strategic partners working in the sector
  • Permission to list your affiliation and use our logo on your promotional materials
  • Unlimited access to view Jobs Board listings, and 50% discount to post jobs

Membership Levels:


Individual Member – $150

Join us as a General Member to receive all of the benefits listed above.


Associate/Student Member – $95

If you are a student or new consultant (less than 2 years of experience), sign up as an Associate/Student Member and receive all of the benefits above at a discounted rate for the first year.


Institutional Member – $350

If you are a company or organization that does work with the nonprofit community, sign up as an Institutional Member and receive all of the benefits above. All Institutional Members also receive 2 Individual Memberships and can have their logo with a link to their website listed on our homepage.


Charter Members
  • Frank Abdale
  • The Alchemist Agency*
  • Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York*
  • Kristina Andersson Bicher
  • Bruce Arbit
  • Maria Badali
  • Joseph Barretto
  • Merle Benny
  • James Bolas
  • Monique Brizz-Walker
  • Susan Caruso Green
  • Julie Micou Cerf
  • Sharon Combs
  • Melissa Comeau
  • Beverly Daniel
  • Michael Davidson
  • Charlotte Dion
  • Janet Falk
  • Kim Gerstman
  • Sara Gillen
  • Bonnie Goldblum
  • Melvin Gravely
  • Roxanne Greenstein
  • Alexander Greer
  • Growth for Good*
  • Marc Halpert
  • Andrea Harnett-Robinson
  • Peter Heller
  • Jason Hutchins
  • Nancy Kelly
  • Rob Krulak
  • Michael Lucivero
  • Richard Marker
  • Laurel Molloy
  • Lynne Molnar
  • Bonnie Osinski
  • Molly Penn
  • Rosemarie Perocchia
  • Purpose Advisors*
  • Gloria Ramon
  • Ben Roman
  • Kim Rozzi
  • Cynthia Russell
  • Sonia Saleh
  • Inacent Saunders
  • Sandra Schanzer
  • Wendy Seligson
  • Ruby Smith
  • Daniella Van Gennep
  • Rondell Walker
  • Laura Willis
  • Wingo NYC*
  • Deter Wisniewski
  • Elizabeth Woolfe
  • Genia Wright
  • Robin Yates
  • Claudia Zeldin

* Institutional Member