Top 3 Takeaways from “Nonprofits and Corporate Partnerships: Defining the Win-Win Relationship”

Presented by Jay Weisman
Legacy Philanthropy Group
June 20, 2018

Presented in collaboration with The Foundation Center New York

Nonprofits and corporations need each other. Yet corporations continue to provide a relatively small proportion of the support that nonprofits receive. In order to boost corporate relationships it’s essential for nonprofits to understand and leverage the value they provide back to the companies they partner with.

This workshop was designed to explore how companies approach and make the case for investing in corporate citizenship programs. Participants discovered how their organizations can help a corporate partner add to their bottom line and bolster their corporate brand.

The workshop focused on 3 key points:

1) Companies initiate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs because they are good for business. These programs help companies compete as they look to attract and retain customers, clients and investors. In recent years, companies have begun figuring out how to quantify the impact that these programs have on the bottom line. This makes it easier for them to invest in partnerships with nonprofits in the communities where their employees work and their customers live.

2) Corporate citizenship strategies continue to evolve. More and more companies are adopting a focus on a Triple Bottom Line – where their strategies are built based on the impact they will have on Profit (their shareholders), People (customers and employees) and Planet (natural resources and the environment). And these companies realize that just having corporate citizenship programs no longer sets them apart from their competitors. Leaders in the space are constantly looking for innovative new programs to diversify their CSR offerings and help them differentiate themselves.

3) Nonprofit partnerships are key to the success of corporate citizenship programs. Companies are looking for strategic, sustainable, collaborative nonprofit partnerships that provide compelling stories and deliver measurable impact. Nonprofits need to understand the value that they offer when they partner with companies to make a difference in our communities. And a nonprofit’s success depends on presenting that value proposition in a thoughtful, professional, and authentic way.

Legacy Philanthropy Group offers programs that help nonprofits provide board members the knowledge, skills and perspective they need to be more impactful as Ambassadors on behalf of their organizations. We do that through structured, interactive, hands-on programs and workshops that are fun, thought-provoking and educational. For more information, please contact Jay Weisman at 908.484.6422 or

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